November 18, 2008

Help wanted: Skilled witches only

A help-wanted ad for 20 witches isn't conjuring up controversy, just jobs, a Swedish company says.

Haxriket i Norden, based in Ahus, Sweden, is advertising its witch hunt to place five witches each of its in four locations, The Local Reported.

Among the required skills: contact the other side, runes, tarots, crystals, herbs, rituals, exorcism, meditation, personal coaching and more, as well as a telephone land-line and Internet connection.

The jobs opened up after an internal shake-up in which several Haxriket witches were cast out for violating telemarketing ethics code.

We've really cleaned house, said Qinna Blomgren, who calls herself the top witch and is a part-owner of Haxriket. In order to work with us you don't only need to have certain skills, but you also have to be serious and prepared to continually develop.

The company has a responsibility to its customers, Blomgren said, therefore our witches go through an employment exam so that we can see that they really can do what they say they can.

Sweden's employment agency said it has reserved judgment on Haxriket's witch recruitment drive, saying requirements in the ad have a lot to do with what each individual believes.