November 19, 2008

Kangaroo part of couple’s hellish vacation

Two Wisconsin residents said their apparently cursed Florida vacation included having to seek countless permits to travel with their pet kangaroo.

Larry and Diana Moyer of Beaver Dam, Wis., said for each state they traveled through with a kangaroo and goat, they had to receive permits as well as find alternative housing for the animals when their vacation went south, The Tampa (Fla.) Tribune said Wednesday.

The animals were part of Ricky's White Tails and Exotics farm and the couple decided to travel to Florida with the animals in their recreational vehicle.

But before the couple and their animal friends could even reach the Sunshine State, their vehicle broke down three times and needed a new alternator.

After their travel woes, Larry had a stroke and spent three days in a Florida hospital.

The Moyers' vehicle was destroyed post-hospital visit by a fire caused by a short circuit, leaving the couple without money or identification.

While the Moyers' Florida vacation left much to be desired, Larry told the Tribune they no regrets regarding their animal companions.

They are like family, he said. They stay in the house with us at night.