November 20, 2008

New jewelry made from dismembered Barbies

A New York designer says she was inspired to make a new brand of designer jewelry out of spliced apart Barbie dolls due to her own history with the toy.

Designer Margaux Lange said on her Web site that by slicing apart the popular plastic doll and her boyfriend, Ken, she was able to create a jewelry line featuring Barbie's dismembered body parts.

Barbie dolls were extremely significant in fueling my creative life as a child, she said. They were an invaluable tool for the expansion of my imagination then and, ironically, Barbie continues to be such for me as an adult.

I am fascinated with who she is as a cultural icon, her distinguished celebrity status and the enormous impact she has had on our society.

The jewelry made from pieces of Barbie, a Mattel toy initially released in 1959, include necklaces made from Barbie's severed breasts and earrings made out of the doll's removed lips, ears and noses.

Other unique offerings from Lange include rings featuring half of Ken's face and bracelets that show off Barbie's trademark smile.