November 20, 2008

Man, 112, rejoins Boy Scouts after century

Henry Allingham of East Sussex County in England is the oldest Boy Scout alive at 112 years of age after rejoining the scouts after 100 years, members say.

While 12-year-old scout Chris Denham may be a century younger than Allingham, he said it was a honor to meet the most world's oldest scout and present him with a certificate honoring his Boy Scout involvement, The Sun said Thursday.

It was great to meet Henry, Denham said. It's cool that he's exactly 100 years older than I am and I'm really proud to have met him.

Scout Association member Simon Carter said while Allingham's designation has not been confirmed, he feels there is little chance any Boy Scout alive is older.

He is the oldest living Scout in Europe and probably the world, Carter said.

The Sun said the organization asked Allingham to resume his Boy Scout role 100 years after he first was a scout as part of the 6th Brighton Scouts' 30th birthday celebration.