November 20, 2008

Bush name unlikely to dot U.S. landscape

George W. Bush is unlikely to find his name on a lot of buildings and geographical features after he becomes a former U.S. president Jan. 20.

At the moment, the 43rd president has an elementary school and road in Texas and two highways -- one in Ghana and one in the former Soviet republic of Georgia -- named after him, the Austin (Texas) American-Statesman reports.

First lady Laura Bush has done almost as well, with a school and a public library branch.

The president's father, by way of contrast, has an airport and turnpike in Texas, while the George H.W. Bush, the Navy's newest nuclear-powered carrier, is set for commissioning in January, and the CIA headquarters in Virginia is now the George H.W. Bush Center for Intelligence.

The younger Bush has popularity ratings lower than President Richard Nixon's at the time of his resignation, which is likely to slow any urge to name things in his honor, the newspaper said.

The Connecticut legislature rejected moves to give his name to an airport and road in New Haven, where he was born.

San Francisco voters rejected a plan Nov. 4 to name a sewage treatment plant after the current president, something that was not intended as a compliment.