November 21, 2008

Two-faced kitten born in Australia

A kitten with two faces, each of which can issue a feline meow, has been born in the Australian city of Perth, a nurse says.

Nurse Louisa Burgess said the 12 years she has spent taking care of animals, she has never seen anything like the two-faced kitten that was born during a recent surgery, the Melbourne Herald-Sun said in its Thursday edition.

I have seen cats with two tails and extra legs, but not this, Burgess said.

It has a full tummy and it survived the night so that is a good sign. It seems content, it meows and purrs.

The Sydney Morning Herald said the feline's mother was forced to undergo surgery to deliver three kittens after the animal suffered labor complications.

But the mother cat was able to successfully deliver three kittens, only one of which had the remarkable physical deformity.

The newspaper said the kitten with two faces is able to meow out of each of its mouths, but a cleft palate prevents it from eating from both of its faces.