November 23, 2008

Internet star puppies moving on

Six Shiba Inu puppies belonging to a San Francisco couple are leaving the Web after winning the hearts of millions of Internet surfers.

About 4 million people are believed to have watched the pups, the New York Post reported. John Ham, president of Ustream, the streaming service used by the Shiba Inus' owners, said one Texas hospital used the video to cheer up depressed patients.

Females Autumn, Amaya, Aymui and their brothers Aki, Akoni and Ando have all been adopted. Ham said each adoptive family is getting a Webcam along with the dog so they can continue the puppycam if they wish.

For those who need their fix of Shiba Inu pups, a new stream started Friday, Ham said. He believes the new puppies are in Japan.