November 24, 2008

Virginians motorcycling to build bridges

A Virginia man says he is taking his daughter and stepson with him on a 9,000-mile motorcycle journey to help build bridges in third-world countries.

Ken Hodge says the purpose of the trip is to raise money for a Rotary Club program in his home town of Newport News. The club previously collected money to build bridges in Zambia, Honduras and Peru and wants to build much-needed bridges in other countries.

Hodge said he needed permission from his wife to make the trip in Peru, the Newport News (Va.) Daily Press said Monday.

If you want your wife to let you go, you tell her you're taking the kids, Hodge said. He'll be accompanied by his daughter, Katie, stepson, Ryan Anderson and alternate rider Jeff Dagenhart.

The riders said they hope to complete the journey from the Lima to the city of Cusco in less than six weeks.