November 25, 2008

Bobcat expelled from Kansas City school

The facility manager of a Kansas City, Mo., elementary school said he needed help evicting a bobcat that he found holed up in the building.

KMBC-TV in Kansas City said Tuesday the female cat had to be taken out by an animal rescue group after apparently deciding Maplewood Elementary School was too cozy to leave.

I kicked at it "¦ tried to run it off. Then clapped. I banged on the door and it would not leave, facility manager Paul Wolfe said.

Wolfe said he spotted the intruder when he opened the school early Monday and at first thought it was a tabby from the neighborhood that got in somehow.

It was a little female bobcat, Jody Paul of Critter Catchers told the television station. She was trying to hide and there wasn't any place to hide up there.

Maplewood's students missed everything, KMBC reported. The feline was long gone before the first bell range.