November 25, 2008

Jet-pack pilot sets world records

Wearing a jet pack, a former TV stunt man has entered the record books by flying 1,500 feet across a gorge on the Arkansas River.

Eric Scott fired up his 135-pound pack Monday and crossed the Royal Gorge in 21 seconds at an altitude of 1,053 feet, the Rocky Mountain News reported Tuesday.

Scott set a world record for both height and distance with the 800 horsepower state-of-the-art pack designed by Denver-based Jet P.I., The Denver Post reported.

This is the biggest adrenaline kick I've ever gotten, Scott said after landing, steam billowing from the hydrogen peroxide-fueled pack.

Scott, who has piloted rocket-powered jet packs for 16 years, crossed the gorge at an estimated 75 mph without a parachute, cables or other safety devices, the Post said.

It's like something out of the future, said Mikey Vigil, a resident of the San Luis Valley and one of several hundred spectators who watched the flight.