November 25, 2008

Man, skid loader, stolen ATM take tumble

A Kansas man, a skid loader and an allegedly stolen ATM all survived a 50-foot tumble down an embankment during a burglary, police say.

Leavenworth, Kan., Police Chief Patrick Kitchens told The Kansas City Star the 49-year-old suspect sustained only minor injuries after mishandling a stolen skid loader he had allegedly used to pry an ATM loose from a federal credit union Sunday morning.

Kitchens said the suspect had succeeded in using the machine to lift the ATM from its moorings, and allegedly decided he could break it open by dropping it down a steep hill. But instead of just the ATM going over, the suspect, trapped inside the skid loader's cage, also tumbled down the embankment and through a wooded area, landing near some parked semi-trailers, the Star said.

It is stunning that he is still alive, Kitchens told the newspaper. We are talking about a 50-foot embankment -- basically straight down. He has the ATM, which basically weighs 3,000 pounds.