November 25, 2008

Is Recession Red the wine for the times?

A New York liquor store says that Recession Red, wines produced in California and priced at $3.99, appears to be the perfect tipple for hard times.

Selim Tlili of Gotham Wines on the Upper West Side of Manhattan said that the label's cabernet sauvignon is now the store's top seller. Recession Red also comes in cabernet and merlot varieties.

It's a good, experimental wine, Tlili told the New York Post. If you don't like it, you haven't really lost anything; but if you like it, you've got a great wine.

Diane Ortega, a Gotham customer, said she bought her first bottle a month ago. She decided that if it turned out to be undrinkable, she could always cook with it. But she found it was great and continues to buy it.

The wine's label bears a saying for the recession -- Times are tough. Toast the simple pleasures.