November 26, 2008

Couple find snake inside clothes dryer

A Rock Hill, S.C., couple said they were shocked when they pried open their non-working clothes dryer to find a 4-foot snake gumming up the works.

Denise and Barry Cubbedge said they were working on the dryer Sunday, one day after it had stopped working, while their young sons, ages 4 and 1, played nearby, The (Rock Hill) Herald reported Wednesday.

Barry Cubbedge said he removed the back of the dryer and immediately shouted in surprise and replaced the back when he came face to face with a mean looking snake.

Cubbedge said that he couldn't replace the screws, so he re-sealed the dryer using strips of duct tape handed to him by his wife.

He took the taped-up dryer out to the garage and shook the appliance until the snake fell out.

I don't know how long he was -- I would guess 4 feet or more -- because I never opened him up full length, he said.

Cubbedge said he then killed the reptile with a shovel.

I didn't just kill the snake. I whacked him, he said.

He said the snake was never identified because he buried it before contacting animal control, but Cubbedge guessed the snake may have been a python or a boa constrictor.