November 26, 2008

Foot favor results in fetish Web site pics

A woman in Vancouver, Wash., says photographs of her feet appeared on a foot fetish Web site after she agreed to do a favor for an alleged student.

Vancouver resident Shannon Caicedo said she wasn't overly suspicious when a man approached her at her Vancouver Mall bed store and asked to photograph her feet as part of a reflexology school assignment, KPTV of Portland, Ore., reported Wednesday.

But after learning some of those photographs were posted on a foot fetish Web site, she said she saw last month's interaction in a different light.

He starts taking pictures of my feet and videotaping. I guess, looking back, it was kind of an odd thing, Caicedo said. He kept explaining, 'OK, now this is what I'm doing. This is why I'm taking these pictures. Can you spread out your toes?'

Police are investigating the incident to determine if any crimes were committed, while Caicedo is struggling to have the photos removed through legal means.

He had book bags, he had paperwork, he looked official, she told KPTV. I thought I was helping out and it ends up I've been duped.