November 26, 2008

Crocodile an unwelcome family pool visitor

An Australian man said he and his wife got a major surprise when they found a crocodile taking up residence in their backyard pool.

Steve Sanderson said immediately after his wife, Karen, jumped into their saltwater pool this week, he noticed a crocodile hanging out at the pool's bottom, the Northern Territory News said in its Wednesday edition.

"He was obviously a croc -- you could see his teeth hanging out the side of his mouth when he had it shut,'' Sanderson said.

Sanderson said his wife immediately exited the pool as a precaution but after noticing the wild animal had not moved, decided to go for a short swim.

"She realized he wasn't moving, so ... she had a bit of a swim around for five minutes,'' he told the News.

Crocodile handlers from the Parks and Wildlife department later arrived to remove the potentially deadly animal from the pool in the city of Darwin, the newspaper said.