November 27, 2008

Kindergartners give turkey tips

Kindergartners at a Santee, Calif., school estimate it takes minutes to cook a Thanksgiving turkey and hours to bake the pumpkin pie.

Kindergartners at Hill Creek Elementary say you should hunt your own turkey, pluck the feathers, chop off the gobbler, take off the beak and the eyes, cover it in turkey sauce and throw it in the oven for about nine minutes, The San Diego Union-Tribune reported Thursday.

For the best pumpkin pie, visit a local farm to find the biggest, tastiest pumpkin, and when you get it home, wash your hands with soap. And if you sneeze, you have to wash again, said 5-year-old Rachel Bevis, who recommends baking the pie seven hours.

As for the potatoes, make sure you have more than one and then smash them with a thing with a handle, said kindergartners Julia Cosalan and Gabriel Jagab.

If you just put one potato, everyone will fight over it, Cosalan said.