November 28, 2008

Kids’ balloon travels 932 miles to Sweden

Officials say a Swedish couple found a child's balloon that was released nearly a year ago in Britain, meaning the balloon had traveled 932 miles.

Jacqui Illingworth of the Old Clee Children's Center in the British town of Grimsby said the balloon found in Sweden was originally released on Nov. 17, 2007 during an opening ceremony for the children's site, The Local, a Stockholm newspaper, said Friday.

Illingworth said the balloon found near the Swedish town of Vilhelmina on Oct. 26 was one of 100 balloons released during the event.

The center official explained that each balloon came with an explanation of where it originated so that any potential discoverers could report its recovery.

Illingworth told the Local that the balloon found in Sweden was the only one to have been returned to Britain.

We were extremely surprised when we found out one of our balloons had been found, he told the newspaper.