November 30, 2008

Woman finds 14 baby pythons in bedroom

An Australian woman says she hated snakes even before she found 14 young carpet pythons in her bedroom.

Esther Honegger of Fannie Bay told The Northern Territorian she first noticed some of the snakes as she prepared for bed Wednesday night.

I hate snakes and as I walked backwards and forwards I would see another one, she said. They were everywhere -- there was one curled around my bedhead, another around the bottom of the chair, and when I went outside there was one in the hallway, another on the railing and another on the step. It was like I was having a nightmare.

Snake catcher Geoff Brouff removed seven of the baby pythons Wednesday and was summoned back to Honegger's home Thursday, when he found seven more.

Brouff believes a female python living on the roof laid her eggs there and the babies slithered down through air-conditioning vents. Since carpet pythons usually lay 25 to 30 eggs, Honegger could have some more unwelcome guests.

I've never had a call out for so many snakes before, so I thought it was a joke for sure, he said.