November 30, 2008

Coyote becomes unofficial mascot

Residents of Farmers Branch, Texas, say they're torn over an injured coyote who has thrived in their midst for nearly three years.

Dubbed Limpy, the coyote brazenly sunbathes in driveways, roams the local country club and easily evades animal control officers, despite his injury, The Dallas Morning News reported Sunday.

Limpy is one of several coyotes roaming Farmers Branch, a city near Dallas, but most of the 39 coyote sightings reported in October have been attributed to him, the Morning News reported.

Everybody kind of knows him, said City Manager Gary Greer.

No one has seen Limpy snatch small pets, though there have been reports of missing cats in the neighborhoods frequented by Limpy.

Limpy does, however, provide a public service -- he's been seen picking up dead squirrels on local roads, the Morning News reported.