December 2, 2008

Boeing jumbo jet becomes hostel

A Stockholm hotel owner has transformed an old Boeing 747 into a hostel for use near Arlanda airport.

Hostel Jumbo is set to open Jan. 15 with 85 beds and 25 rooms -- including a cockpit suite and and four-person dorm rooms with shared bathrooms, The Local reported Tuesday.

It feels like it's really good, really well built, said Oscar Dios, who spent four months refurbishing the 1976 jumbo jet.

The jet's last flight was in 2002 when it was owned by Transjet, which went bankrupt, said Dios, who also owns the Uppsala hotel in Stockholm.

Rooms aboard Hostel Jumbo are to start at $46 per bed in the four-person dorm room, said Dios, who is to begin accepting reservations this week.

The hostel also is to feature a 24-hour cafe and a walkway on the jet's wing offering views of the airport.