December 2, 2008

Teacher sells ad space on tests

A Southern California calculus teacher says he's selling ad space on his test papers to make up for a cut in his supply budget.

Tom Farber, a teacher at a Rancho Bernardo high school, said the district cut his annual copying budget to $316 when he needs more than $500 to print enough tests to ensure students receive adequate practice for tough tests they'll take in the future, such as the Advanced Placement Exam, USA Today reported Tuesday.

Farber, 47, said tough times call for tough actions so he started selling ad space on his test papers at $10 for a quiz, $20 for a chapter test and $30 for a semester final.

So far, he has collected $350, with two-thirds of the ads being inspirational messages from parents and the remaining ads coming from local businesses such as a dentist whose ad says Brace Yourself for a Great Semester!

Reaction to the ads has been mixed, though it's not like Farber is selling ads that say, This test is brought to you by McDonald's or Nike, said Principal Paul Robinson.