December 2, 2008

Toy trains take the high road

A space-strapped Crewe, England, man said he has set up his model trains where no locomotives have gone before -- the ceiling of his home.

Keith Beadle, 73, said he has spent $10,000 patenting his magnet-powered designs for the upside-down model train track and he is now seeking a major manufacturer to mass-produce his idea, The Daily Telegraph reported Tuesday.

It is a question of getting the magnets just right. It was trial and error at first but know I have got it down to a fine art, Beadle said. Space is at a premium these days in every home and that's why I think a model railway that runs on the ceiling is a winner. One bonus is that a young child can have it on the bedroom ceiling and it has a mesmerizing effect and can help in getting them to sleep.

I have produced prototypes with scale models but it could also be developed with trains like Thomas the Tank Engine, he said. I think it has got real commercial potential and the possibilities for applying it to all kinds models is virtually endless.