December 4, 2008

Woman seeks studious egg donor

A London woman who said her efforts to conceive have failed is seeking a specific brand of donor -- an Oxford or Cambridge University student.

Sally Adams, who described herself as in her 50s, said she was unable to have a child even after undergoing a $30,000 in vitro fertilization treatment, The Daily Telegraph reported Thursday.

She said she is seeking an egg donor, but only Oxford University or Cambridge University students and graduates need apply.

Oxford is a very good possible catchment area, Adams said. Many of my roots are there, I own a house in North Oxford of which I am the landlady, and I studied at Oxford University.

Oxford and Cambridge are the seat of people who are both academic and intellectual and also often very altruistic, she said. An egg donor needs to be under 32-years-old, and I am looking for someone who is educated, intellectual and possibly with connections with the colleges.