December 5, 2008

Flag flies upside down for ‘distress call’

A Plainfield, Ill., woman says she is flying the U.S. flag outside of her house upside down as a sign of economic distress.

Debra Brzostowski, 38, said she decided to flip her flag after becoming frustrated with the government's handling of the economic bailout, which she said gives generously to Wall Street bankers while leaving homeowners and small business owners without support, the Chicago Tribune reported Friday.

This is a distress call to the government, Brzostowski said. I'm a proud American and I've always supported my government, but there are too many people like me hurting right now.

Brzostowski said it has been four months since she has taken a paycheck from her business, ComTec Communications Co., and her husband recently had to close the doors of his own small business and take another job, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

I'm scared. I already watched my husband shut his doors, she said. I keep reaching out to investors and the bank.

The U.S. Flag Code, which is viewable on, states: The flag should never be displayed with the union down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.