December 5, 2008

Ex-Obama car headed for eBay

A Naperville, Ill., woman who owns a Jeep that once belonged to President-elect Barack Obama said she plans to put the vehicle on eBay this month.

Liz Murphy, 45, said she learned after purchasing her Jeep Grand Cherokee that Obama had been its first owner while he was serving as an Illinois state senator, the Chicago Sun-Times reported Friday.

Murphy said eBay bidding on other Obama memorabilia -- including a Topps baseball card signed by Obama that had a high bid of $2,025 Friday -- has given her hope for a profitable auction.

My plan is to put it out there to see what happens, Murphy said. If they have the money, people will spend it.

She said she is hoping to have the auction online by the end of the month, after the Jeep can be washed and digital pictures are taken.

He was a senator at the time I bought the car, Murphy said. That may mean something to someone.