December 5, 2008

‘No Star’ hotel a former nuclear bunker

The owners of the world's first no star hotel in Sevelen, Switzerland, said the accommodations were converted from a former nuclear bunker.

Twins Frank and Patrik Riklin, 34, said they started the Null Stern -- which translates as No Star -- hotel as an art project and converted it into a full-time business when its popularity grew, The Sun reported Friday.

The pair said $9 rents one night in a room outfitted with water bottles for heat, earplugs to dull the sound of the ventilation system and military-style bunks for sleeping. The luxury rooms, which cost $16 per night, feature antique beds taken from condemned hotels.

The twins said they might look at other locations if their hotel becomes successful.

Switzerland has lots more civil defense buildings, Patrik Riklin said. We've had inquires from all over the world.