December 10, 2008

Rocking doctors sing about cancer

Six oncologists across the United States who specialize in women's cancers have formed a rock group, N.E.D., a name that stands for no evidence of disease.

Lead guitarist William Winter, who practices his day job in Portland, Ore., said N.E.D. came together last winter to provide entertainment for a conference of gynecologic oncologists. The doctors prepared a repertoire of about 30 covers of work by the Allman Brothers, Led Zeppelin and similar groups and, once they had run through everything they knew, just started over.

People were sticking around, Winter told The Portland Oregonian. We didn't get booed off the stage. We actually got asked to do some encores. We played everything we know. We had to replay songs.

The group played again at a conference in July. They now have a record deal with Motena, a New York company specializing in jazz and world music.

For the album, scheduled to be released in November 2009 during Gynecologic Cancer Month, N.E.D. has written its own material, with every number dealing with women's cancers. One, False Pretenses, deals with Winter's belief that doctors should not hold out false hope to women diagnosed with ovarian cancer and others with bad prognoses.