December 10, 2008

Modified police gun sent to woman’s home

British police say a gun supply company's error resulted in a woman mistakenly receiving what appeared to be a black sub-machine gun in the mail.

Dorset Police said the Heckler & Koch gun, which had been modified to shoot only infra-red beams instead of bullets, had been bound for their headquarters in Winfrith but the gun supply company put the wrong address on the package and it was received by Catherine Roots, 56, The Sun reported Wednesday.

You don't expect something like that to to arrive. I was petrified and I didn't touch it -- I didn't know if it would go off, Roots said.

Police said the weapon was harmless.

The item is perfectly safe and can't cause anyone any harm but it does look like one of our firearms, said Dorset Assistant Chief Constable Adrian Whiting.

Police officials said they are seeking assurances from the supply company that no similar errors occur.