December 11, 2008

Why did the alligator cross the road?

It was apparently the chicken's day off as a 5-foot alligator was spotted crossing a downtown Orlando, Fla., road, witnesses said.

Passersby said the reptile was first spotted motionless on the median of Primrose Drive near the city's downtown and began crossing the road as the crowd of onlookers grew, WFTV, Orlando, reported Thursday.

Not something you expect to see in downtown Orlando for sure, one witness said.

An off-duty police officer with alligator trapping experience was called to the scene. He said he managed to tape up the reptile's mouth and legs but the alligator continued to struggle as it was shoved into the back of a police patrol car.

You know, with all of the kids and stuff over here, we just need to get him out of here, the officer said.

The reptile was turned over to trappers, who said the animal will eventually be released back into the wild, the broadcaster reported.