December 11, 2008

$750 coin dropped in Salvation Army kettle

Salvation Army officials said a coin worth $750 was dropped into a bell ringer's collection kettle outside of a Sango, Tenn., Wal-Mart store.

Laurie Hadley, a Salvation Army board member, said coin counters discovered the 1978 South African Krugerrand among the change dropped into the kettle Tuesday night. Golden Eagle jewelry priced the coin at $750, Gannett Tennessee reported Thursday.

Hadley said the charity plans to hold on to the coin for a little while to see if the price of gold inflates its value in the coming weeks.

Hadley said a Krugerrand was dropped into a kettle in the same location last year. She said that coin was eventually sold bringing $805 to the charity.

The Salvation Army said an 1882 U.S. $5 gold piece dropped in the same collection kettle earlier in the season has been appraised at about $260.