December 12, 2008

Nostalgia key to police recruitment effort

Police in the English county of Leicestershire say they are attempting to use nostalgia to lure former British police officers back from Australia.

The Leicestershire Police said it asked the overseas officers what they missed most about Britain as part of the force's Homesick and Away campaign, The Daily Telegraph said Friday.

Tops on the nostalgia list were real British ale, a cup of authentic British tea and the traditional Sunday roast.

The police recruitment campaign is targeting the Australian cities of Adelaide and Perth, home to nearly 1,000 former British police officers.

South Australian Police Association President Mark Carroll said he is not concerned that the recruitment campaign will lure away officers currently serving in those areas, the Telegraph reported.

Those people that are coming from the U.K. to Australia, in the main, are staying in Australia, and I doubt very much that this will actually entice those people back to the U.K., Carroll said.