December 12, 2008

Soccer mom sues over right to pack heat

A pistol-packing soccer mom in rural Pennsylvania has sued the sheriff for revoking her permit after she brought her Glock to a match, court documents say.

Meleanie Hain, 30, who lives in Lebanon in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country, had been going almost everywhere with the Glock 26 strapped to her hip, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported. While she did not bring the weapon into her children's schools, which would be illegal, she was often seen carrying her baby and her gun at the same time.

Lebanon County Sheriff Mike DeLeo revoked her gun permit after he got complaints from parents when she showed with the gun to watch her 5-year-old daughter play soccer.

In her lawsuit, Hain claims that the county and DeLeo have violated her constitutional rights.

The sheriff got on TV after the hearing and said, 'I stand by my decision,' Hain said. That comment makes people think I'm still an idiot and what he did was right.

Under Pennsylvania law, Hain can still carry her gun openly without a permit. But she cannot conceal it -- including carrying it in her car.