December 13, 2008

Mystery of missing snakes solved

Police in Alabama say that the person who removed 22 tree boa snakes from a garden shed was simply concerned about the welfare of the reptiles.

Jacob Brooks of Prallville, Ala., filed a theft report when he returned home and found his pets missing, the Montgomery Advertiser reported. The Amazon tree boas had total value of $10,000.

Police Chief Alfred Wadsworth said that no criminal charges are being considered in the case. He said that the motive for the removal was to get the snakes to a place where they would be at an appropriate temperature.

We recovered the snakes, all except one which apparently died of natural causes, said Wadsworth.

The survivors were returned to Brooks, a hobbyist who breeds the snakes and sells them online.

The tree boas, ranging in length from 2 feet to 6 feet, are constrictors and do not deliver a venomous bite.