December 16, 2008

Cops find missing Christmas ornament cache

Police in California knew Christmas lawn decorations had been disappearing, but discovered a cache of wicker reindeer inside a man's house only by accident.

Officers responded to a routine domestic disturbance report Monday at the home of Vuong Pham, 48, and inside allegedly found a herd of wicker reindeer in the living room, many strings of Christmas lights -- some plugged in, imitation Christmas trees, as well as several snowmen and inflatable Santa Claus figures, The Los Angeles Times reported.

There was allegedly so much Christmas booty inside the home, Officer Cameron Knauerhaze told the newspaper, We had to use two city trucks and a police truck to take all the property to the police station. This guy had something in every room.

Officers were called to Pham's home in response to an alleged fight between Pham and his son, when they remembered the complaints that an unknown Grinch had been stealing Christmas decorations from Westminster's lawns.

Pham faces charges of grand theft and possession of stolen property, Knauerhaze told the Times.