December 16, 2008

Parking scam victims get tickets

A trio of scam artists charged unsuspecting drivers attending a concert in Milwaukee $10 to park in a county-owned lot, officials said.

City police then handed out more than $4,000 in tickets because the concert-goers were parked illegally, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported. Officials have agreed to void the tickets.

Drivers said that the fake parking attendants had dressed for the part. They were wearing vests and aprons with pockets for money and directed cars into rows using yellow wands.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Public Works said that the city had been asked to keep close watch on the lot to prevent illegal parking.

Jim Kirk, who attended the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert Sunday evening at the Bradley Center, said that he spotted two police cars a block away when he parked. He wonders why they did not catch the fake parking lot operators, the report said.

Officials say that the scammers may have double-dipped, collecting parking fees for the orchestra's afternoon concert as well as the evening one.