December 16, 2008

Man’s 11 lottery tickets all winners

A Virginia man who bought 11 identical lottery tickets for the same drawing has won $1.1 million from a game with a top prize of $100,000, gaming officials say.

Virginia Lottery spokesman John Hagerty said the big winner, whose name had not yet been released, bought 11 tickets all bearing the numbers 10-13-18-23-30 for Saturday's Cash 5 drawing, the Newport News (Va.) Daily Press reported Tuesday.

Since each individual ticket earned the winner the maximum $100,000 prize, his final payout will be $1.1 million, officials said.

He apparently likes to play those numbers because they have significance to his family's birthdays, Hagerty said. You see this sometimes, where someone buys several tickets for the same game with the same numbers just because they like those numbers and they have a hunch or a feeling. This time, it paid off big time for this guy.