December 17, 2008

Three-legged cat found after seven weeks

A 59-year-old woman in Green Township, Ohio, says she is extremely relieved to have her three-legged cat, Hope, back home after seven weeks.

Norma Meece said since Hope first disappeared nearly seven weeks ago, she had anxiously searched for the cat and even hired a pet detective in an unsuccessful attempt to locate the elusive feline, The Cincinnati Enquirer said Wednesday.

But it was a simple live trap near Meece's home in Hamilton County that resulted in Hope finally being located.

Last Sunday's discovery of Hope by Meece's neighbor, Mike Dreyling, came after the cat was spotted numerous times in the area. Despite the number of Hope sightings and the fact one of its front legs had been amputated prior to its disappearance, the cat remained at large.

But now Hope is back with Meece and the Ohio native told the Enquirer she is extremely pleased to have her feline friend back at her side.

I'm ecstatic, Meece said. I wake up in the middle of the night and she's there at my side.