December 18, 2008

After shave brings locker room to life

A company in Britain says it has created a new aftershave that captures the essence of a soccer locker room in all its aromatic glory.

Sports Interactive spokesman Miles Jacobson said his company, which also produces the video game Football Manager, has created a locker room-scented aftershave called Scent of Success, The Daily Telegraph said Thursday.

Jacobsen said by blending the smell of sweat, grass and boot leather with heat spray, his company is giving consumers a chance to bring the world of professional soccer into their own homes.

Our scent will bring the dressing room into the homes of Football Manager 2009 players, inspiring them for pre-match team talks, preparing them to direct their team from the sidelines and prime them for a tricky press conference, he said.

The spokesman told the Telegraph he saw no reason the creators of the 2009 sports game couldn't produce a scent if singers Britney Spears and Kerry Katona could.

If Britney Spears and Kerry Katona can have their own fragrance I don't see why we can't, Jacobsen said.