December 18, 2008

Sweden foists Canadian status on woman

Bureaucratic mistakes that made a dual-citizenship Swedish citizen a Canadian will cost the Swedish government $130, a government chancellor ruled.

The Local reported the unidentified woman had a Canadian father and Swedish mother, and was born in Sweden a dual citizen in 1984.

In 1992, her father applied for a Canadian passport for his daughter, and documents were filed with the Swedish consulate in Vancouver as part of the process, the report said.

Somehow, Swedish tax authorities used the information to strip the woman's Swedish citizenship, making her solely Canadian.

In 2003, the woman was told as a foreigner she couldn't stay in Sweden because she lacked a residence permit. It took a year of bureaucratic wrangling, but the woman had her Swedish citizenship reinstated in 2005, the report said.

The country's Chancellor of Justice denied the woman's claim for retribution for paying foreign student-rate tuition fees, but awarded her the $130 cost of reinstating her citizenship, the newspaper said.