December 20, 2008

Pampered pooch wears Gucci, gets spoon-fed

Ariel is said to be one of the luckiest dogs in Australia, traveling in a Louis Vuitton carrier bag and wearing only Gucci collars.

Aside from the Maltese terrier cross's $500 Italian dog collars, most of his clothes, accessories and toiletries are bought overseas, The (Melbourne) Herald Sun reported Saturday.

They hardly have any nice clothes here. You can get practical clothes but not fashionable ones, said owner Winnie Ng of Victoria.

The newspaper said Ariel gets spoon-fed, drinks mineral water and gets a new toy every day.

I do everything for him. I never get sick of it. It makes me happy, Ng said.

Ng, 25, said she changes Ariel's outfits four times a day. His most expensive item is a limited edition, hand-sewn top she bought in the United States for $300.