December 21, 2008

Judge runs down suspect

A Chicago judge who saw two men breaking into his wife's car decided to give chase and two suspects wound up in custody.

Nicholas Ford, a Felony Court judge who also put in some time as a prosecutor, told the Chicago Sun-Times he had one suspect down on the ground. But the man managed to push him away and took off again.

I was fully antagonized,'' Ford said. I was just chugging. I'm not an elite runner. I thought I was going to have a grabber.''

Ford did catch up again, getting the man in the front yard of his own barber. This time, police arrived and made an arrest.

A second suspect was arrested nearby.

Then Ford got a look at the criminal justice system from the victim's point of view, waiting in a police station until 2 a.m. Before he left, an officer asked him to sign a warrant.

Ford, who has been a judge for 11 years, is married to Cook County District Judge Callie Baird.