December 22, 2008

Man finds money at Home Depot — twice

A shopper at Home Depot in Auburn, Maine, says he discovered two caches of dropped money at the store during visits two days apart.

Gil Steward said he found a wallet at the store Tuesday morning that contained nearly $1,000 in cash and while shopping at the same store Thursday morning, he found a green bag stuffed with money, the Sun Journal of Lewiston, Maine, reported Monday.

Steward said he took the wallet to the store's customer service counter and the owner, a man in his 20s, thanked him after retrieving his money.

He said his home payment was in there and money for Christmas, of course, Steward said. I'm glad I found it. Had somebody else found it, they may have just kept going.

He said the green bag full of money that he discovered Thursday had the name of a vending machine company on its side and he found the man who had dropped it, an employee of the company, while taking the sack to the service desk.

Steward said finding two large amounts of money at the same store in the space of three days has left him feeling lucky.

I think I'm going to play the lottery this weekend, he said.