December 23, 2008

Racy images cut from ‘Bible’ for U.S.

The Swedish creator of a modern, glossy magazine adaptation of the Bible says some images have been removed from the U.S. version to dodge controversy.

Dag Soderberg, who released the original version of The Book in Sweden in spring 2007, said the recent export of the illustrated Bible to the United States involved the removal of some images, including a revealing photograph of model Victoria Silverstedt and a picture of two men passionately kissing, The Local reported Tuesday.

It is because of cultural differences. Sex is very sensitive in the USA, Soderberg told Swedish newspaper Metro.

He said the new 286-page adaptation of the New Testament was released in the United States under the name Bible Illuminated: The Book, and an Old Testament adaptation is being prepared for a U.S. release in spring of 2009.