December 24, 2008

Snowzilla makes a comeback

The giant snowman an Anchorage, Alaska, man has created annually since 2005, has reappeared despite a city ban but he says he doesn't know who made it.

Billy Powers told the Anchorage Daily News the 25-foot Snowzilla, complete with hat and carrot nose, went up in defiance of a stop-work order. A small snowman was also built in the wee hours Tuesday in front of city hall.

Snowzilla became a celebrity when the Powers family first built one three years ago. But city officials say that they have received complaints from neighbors about drunks making late-night visits and they have offered Powers the opportunity to exercise his creative powers some place where the result will not be an attractive nuisance.

Powers says nearly all his neighbors signed a petition calling for Snowzilla's comeback. One, One of them, Barbara Hosier, added a note that the giant snowman is the best thing that ever happened in Anchorage.

Richard Fern, a city code enforcement officer, said there are no plans to order Snowzilla's removal until after the holidays.