December 25, 2008

Adult daughters keep posing with Santa

Two Baton Rouge, La., sisters, ages 23 and 18, say their mother insists they have their picture taken with Santa Claus every year until they are married.

Ashley Swan, 23, and her sister Katie, 18, said mother Merry Swan's tradition of having her children pose with Santa for a Christmas photo began the year Ashley was born and has continued uninterrupted for every Christmas since, the Baton Rouge Advocate reported Thursday.

This is how I feel -- you have to do this until you get married, Merry Swan told her daughters. This is my gift.

The mother said her daughters have to take the photos in order to receive their Christmas gifts.

Now, it's like bribery, she said.

The Swan sisters said that while taking pictures with Santa can be embarrassing for grown women, they go through the motions each year to make their mother happy.

We complain about it, but if it's what makes her happy and it's the only thing she really wants, it's not too much to ask, Ashley said.

It's just really embarrassing when standing in line with a bunch of 5-year-olds, Katie added.