December 25, 2008

Secret Santa brings new car to sick man

A Maryland car wholesaler said he played secret Santa for a man whose kidneys are failing with a free 1998 Plymouth Voyager.

Ed Lott, 38, said he has given cars to people in need for the past five Christmases, and his own kidney problems were not enough to keep him from obtaining a vehicle for Sheldon Deller, 48, the Baltimore Sun reported Thursday.

Lott drove the tow truck carrying the van to Deller's house and a friend, Venessa Bond, rang the man's doorbell and informed him of the gift, which Lott and his helpers said would have been almost completely anonymous had the wholesaler's mother, Carmen Lott, not informed newspapers of her son's deeds before the car was presented Wednesday afternoon.

The reason I do it is for the reactions I see, said Lott, who watched from the tow truck as a shocked and grateful Deller received his gift. It makes my Christmas every year.

Bond said giving this year's free car -- which came complete with a tune up, cleaning job and fully-paid registration and taxes -- to someone facing similar health struggles as Lott, who has required daily dialysis treatments since February, made this Christmas extra special.

It is a perfect thing to do this year, she said.