December 25, 2008

Christmas names a burden for some

The arrival of Christmas has some Pennsylvanians with names evocative of the holiday lamenting their festive monikers.

Patty Christmas of Plum, Pa., said having the beloved holiday as her last name may make it memorable, but it reveals its downside when she has to give her name to people who don't realize she's serious, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported Thursday.

I ordered a pizza the other night, she said. They said 'Last name?' I said 'Christmas.' I said, 'Please, it's not a joke.'

Sandra Sandy Claus, 50, of Verona, Pa., said her father, Arthur Claus, thought giving his daughter a name similar to Santa Claus would be cute, but the moniker -- which until recently was listed as S. Claus in the phone book -- has led her to receive numerous calls each year from children searching for Santa.

Mostly, I try to steer them toward mom, she says. I try to tell them that Santa and mom are talking to each other and Santa and mom know what you want. There was one persistent child about three or four years ago. He sounded really desperate to talk to Santa.

Claus said she believes her name cost me some job interviews.

As a kid, you were trying to get a job at Burger King or whatever. You write down your name and they look at it and laugh and throw it away, she said.