December 27, 2008

Dog an unfortunate Christmas gift return

The manager of a pet adoption site in West Lothian, Scotland, says a Labrador puppy likely used as a holiday gift was handed in Christmas Day.

Dogs Trust manager Susan Tonner said the abandonment of the puppy on Christmas Day represented a tragic holiday pattern of people not recognizing the responsibility associated with a canine present, The Scotsman reported Saturday.

It is tragic that dogs are still being bought as Christmas gifts then abandoned so quickly, she said.

People give such little thought to the time and effort that is needed in looking after a dog.

Tonner also told the Scotsman the chaotic nature of the holiday season was not the ideal way to introduce a puppy or other animal to a new owner.

Christmas is the worst possible environment into which to bring a new animal, she said.

New pets need a gentle introduction to the family, peace and quiet, and gentle handling.