December 28, 2008

Family finds $10,000 in cracker box

Members of a California family say they saved an elderly woman from losing her life savings of $10,000 she had hidden in a box of crackers.

The Rogoff family of Irvine found the $10,000 in a box of Annie's Sour Cream and Onion Cheddar Bunny crackers, The Orange County (Calif.) Register reported Sunday.

Allie, Sandra, Max and their parents, Debra and Joe Rogoff counted out the $100 bills and took pictures of each other before calling police.

We just thought, this is someone's money. We would never feel good about spending it, said Debra Rogoff.

The police contacted Whole Foods in Tustin, where the crackers had been purchased, and learned an elderly customer had reported returning a box of crackers without realizing she had stashed her life savings in there.

Returned food usually goes to a composting facility, but the box apparently made its way back onto the shelf and in the hands of the Rogoffs, police said.

The Rogoffs said they never heard from the woman after she got her money back, but they did receive a free box of crackers from Whole Foods.