December 29, 2008

World’s heaviest cake baked in Romania

A team of bakers in Bucharest, Romania, have baked a 619-pound dessert to set a record for the world's heaviest cake.

The cake, which was commissioned by officials in the Romanian capital for its annual winter festivities, was certified as the world's heaviest by a representative of Guinness World Records after a weighing ceremony Sunday, The Daily Telegraph reported Monday.

Pieces of the mammoth dessert were distributed among the assembled crowd after the Guinness representative gave a document certifying the record to Bucharest Mayor Sorin Oprescu, the British newspaper said.

The cake came after Bucharest residents set a world record Dec. 21 for the world's largest Christmas giveaway, which featured 3,939 people dressed as Santa Claus distributing gifts to children. Residents also set a record Saturday for the world's longest smoked sausage, which came in at 1,286 feet long and more than 330 pounds.